After the Pause, I'm Back With Links

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hi All,

Sorry about the day and a half delay in postings. I needed to recharge my batteries and take care of some stuff, but I'm back now and I have links to share (many of which you may or may not be already aware of). I'm also planning on updating everyone on senior bowl rosters once those are finalized so that we can take a look at the presence of Big East players. First, here are the final bowl conference standings prior to tonight's BCS Bowl Championship game:

Pac 10 5-0
SEC 5-2
Big East 4-2
CUSA 4-2
Big 12 4-2
MWC 3-2
Sun Belt 1-1
ACC 4-6
WAC 1-4
Big 10 1-6
Indies 0-2
MAC 0-5

Now for the links: