First Links of the Year

Thursday, January 1, 2009

I trust that everyone out there in T.V. land is enjoying today's slate of bowls while recovering from champagne hangovers. There were some interesting results from last night's bowl games, including two more losses for ACC teams (BC lost to Vandy -- Yikes! And Georgia Tech lost to LSU). With that, I give you the updated conference bowl standings as of South Carolina's loss to Iowa this morning:

Pac 10 4-0
Big East 3-1
CUSA 3-1
SEC 2-1
Big 12 2-1
MWC 2-2
Sun Belt 1-1
ACC 3-5
Big 10 1-3
WAC 1-4
Indies 0-2
MAC 0-3

On to the first links of 2009:

Orange Bowl Links: