What's Up With Robert Marve?

Friday, January 16, 2009

"Weiner (Marve's former high school coach) said Saturday that Marve had
targeted 10-12 schools, and mentioned four by name: the Big 12's high-scoring
Texas Tech and Oklahoma State, as well as Purdue and Syracuse. Geographically,
none are close to the Marves' Tampa home, so it would seem to go against the
family's public statements about Marve's father battling prostate cancer and a
desire to have Robert closer to home."
This is certainly an interesting development in a saga where the University of Miami was reportedly making it very difficult for Marve to move on to another school of significant relevance in college football. If you're aware of Marve's situation or read the above-linked article, you'll note that Marve would ideally like to be around the state of Florida in order to attend to his ailing father. Curiously enough however, none of the schools mentioned in the above statement are scheduled to play in the state of Florida in 2010, save for Syracuse (at USF).

Obviously, USF also remains a viable option for Marve, given its geography and that Grothe will enter his final year as starter at QB in 2009, which potentially paves the way for Marve to start in 2010. My observation would be that USF and Syracuse seem to pose two clear-cut opportunities for Marve in the Big East. One thing to remember though, is that the Syracuse coaching staff just put the kabosh on allowing Mississippi quarterback recruit Clayton Moore to come north, forcing Moore to enroll at Ole Miss.

Similar to the situation surrounding another high profile transfer in Vidal Hazelton, it will be interesting to see if Robert Marve makes a move to the Big East. More to come as details become available.

Photo Credit: TheEndzoneReport.com