Honk if You're a USF Bull

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

This could just be an indication that Greg Auman and the fellas at a USF Sports Bulletin have way too much time on their hands, but I found it interesting to learn that USF speciality license plates are sky-rocketing in number in the state of Florida. As Auman points out, you'll note that USF experienced a 50% increase in licence plates over a two year period (more than any other Florida school). Interestingly enough, USF is the third largest school in terms of enrollment, behind UF and UCF, with 46,174 enrolled students. That's a lot of license plates for the Florida DMV to be churning out, whether it's for USF or other schools.
USF fans have more to be excited about than car adornments though, as they've managed to get two more high profile recruits in the door:

Other news around the Big East:

For those of you interested in the LeSean McCoy situation, all I will say is that there is a ton of speculation on the web and elsewhere, that he is leaving for the NFL. The official decision has not been made yet, and there are certainly a ton of articles and blog posts at your disposal to see what's going on, so I won't bore you with re-posts of the same sources.