Steve Kragthorpe Learns Parenting 101

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Rule #1 for parents: If you explicitly bar your child from doing something, it will increase the likelihood that your child will in fact do what you are prohibiting them from doing.

Apparently Louisville head coach Steve Kragthorpe didn't get the above memo. When defensive back Latarrius Thomas decided to leave the Cardinal program for "greener pastures," Kragthorpe placed the explicit condition of him not being able to transfer to Eastern Michigan. ECU of course, is where ex-Cardinal defensive coordinator Ron English landed as a head coach. According to Michael Lewis of the News-Journal Online, LT decided not to heed Kragthorpe's warning, and will join English at ECU. Granted, this doesn't even begin to approach the magnitude of the Robert Marve situation at Miami, but it's yet another saga where coaches and kids are fighting over where they can and can't transfer.

In other news:

I know I also promised a run-down of Big East players participating in "senior" bowls. Here's a full roster of the "Texas vs. the Nation Bowl." The following eight Big East players will participate:

  • Adrian Grady, DT, Louisville
  • Mike Teel, QB, Rutgers
  • Conredge Collins, FB, Pitt
  • C.J. Davis, OL, Pitt
  • Julius Williams, DE, UConn
  • Jason McCourty, DB, Rutgers
  • Dahna Deleston, S, UConn
  • Kevin Malast, LB, Rutgers