ACC Nostalgia: The Conference Was Better Off Prior to Expansion

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bob Molinaro of the Virginian-Pilot aptly points out something I've known for some time: the ACC should have stuck with their old conference structure. Thanks for the reminder Bob, and for spreading the good word throughout ACC country:

"...what has the ACC gained from expansion?
Money? Sure. But certainly not
prestige. The ACC is 1-9 all-time in BCS bowls. Virginia Tech, at least, has
mostly put a pretty good face on the conference’s image leading into the bowls.
But when will Florida State and Miami start pulling their weight?"

Detailed in Molinaro's piece:
  • The now flawed in-conference scheduling for ACC basketball
  • A pitiful turnout for the ACC football championship game, and
  • A diminished stature for ACC basketball

No need for further comment, I'm just passing this along.