Better Bloggers Than I Debate the ACC vs. Big East

Monday, December 22, 2008

Pseudo-professional bloggers Brian Bennett (Big East) and Heather Dinich (ACC) at ESPN renew their ever-popular debate over which conference deserves to have its integrity called into question.

Now, we all know girls know nothing about sports, so Brian's got this one pretty much in the bag. In debating the bowl match ups between the two conferences, Brian concedes that West Virginia will have its hands full with UNC, especially given the fact that this game is being played all-to-close to Chapel Hill. Mountaineer fans travel well though, so I think Bill Stewart's crew will feel as "at home" as they can in a hostile environment. I'm rating this game as more of a "push." If WVU can rev up their offense enough to demoralize an inexperienced (when it comes to bowls) team, they may be able to pull this one out.

The debate over the Bowl between Rutgers and NC State gets a little feisty. This essentially comes down to which team is hotter than the other going into the bowl. In looking at the two teams' schedules, Rutgers made a considerably longer and harder slog to the end than the Wolfpack. In looking at common opponents, Rutgers got crushed by UNC early in the season, and NC State dominated the Tar Heels toward the end of their schedule. On the other hand, NC State got taken behind the wood shed by USF, and Rutgers did just that to the Bulls later in the season. Again, another "push" in my mind, but I give the edge to Rutgers just because they finished the season slightly more impressively than NC State.

The Orange Bowl will go to Cincinnati according to both bloggers. Ah, it feels good to know that everyone is in agreement here. I see Brian Kelly's passing attack being too much for a Tech defense that is far too predicated on the run. Moreover, the Hokies have been downright terrible in their own passing game and have found it difficult to score. Notch another loss for ACC teams, and another win for Big East teams, in BCS bowls.

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