USF Exploits Its Pensicola Pipeline

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Fresh off a bowl win in St. Petersburg Florida, Jim Leavitt and the USF Bulls are back on the recruiting trail. They get major help along the defensive line by signing defensive tackle Anthony Hill, who was previously committed to Florida State, as well as defensive end Luke Sager. Both Hill and Sager are Florida natives (Hill is from Pensicola and Sager is from Niceville), and both had been sought aggressively by other D-1 programs.

As previously mentioned, Anthony Hill signed on to Florida State's 2008 recruiting class but came to find out that the class was too large and that he would have to greyshirt. This did not sit well with Hill, who decided to reverse course and sign on with the school that recruited him earliest and often. As a bonus, Hill will now be reunited (and it feels so good) with childhood friend and current Bull, Terrell McClain. Geez, maybe USF should move its campus to Pensicola; they've now plucked Hill, McClain, AND George Selvie from the Florida panhandle town.


Speaking of big recruits, get a load of this picture of Nassau Community College offensive tackle Andrew Tiller (I'll give you a clue; he's not #50). Tiller, who is listed at 6'6" / 200 lbs, has already received scholarship offers from Miami, NC State, and Rutgers. As previously mentioned in a Dangerfield Division posting, Tiller is now a Syracuse target because his former head coach, John Anselmo, has joined Doug Marrone's staff as a defensive backs coach. I realize the other kid in this picture is probably your run-of-the-mill junior college athlete and true D-1 defensive linemen might not make Tiller look so big, but you've got to be impressed with the sheer volume of this guy! Big East defensive linemen, take note.

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