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Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy Friday:

From Olin Buchanan's mailbag on -- Addressing Notre Dame's conference affiliation issue (Big East mentioned):

From: David in Canton, Ohio: What is keeping Notre Dame from joining the Big Ten?

In 1999, Notre Dame had serious discussions with the Big Ten about joining, but ultimately chose to remain independent in football.

Why? Several reasons, but the bottom line is money. You'd be thrilled if you made $1 million. But what if you made $1 million, then had to share it with 11 others?

By remaining independent, Notre Dame keeps all the revenue it generates in football, while conferences share revenue.

I don't know if Notre Dame ever will change its stance. If the Irish football program remains stuck in mediocrity for another decade, loses some of its national appeal and loses its TV deal with NBC, then maybe it would look into conference affiliation.

Even then, there would be no guarantee the Irish would join the Big Ten. Perhaps in that scenario, they would join the Big East because Notre Dame already is a member in other sports.